HP013: Why It’s Fine to Brag About Volunteering- and What to Buy for a Voodoo Priest

Episode 13


In minute 5, Joe mentions the book “Talk Like Ted.” Here’s a link to that book.

At about 5:50, in the context of TED talks, Pete mentions “awkward silences. It makes me sweat just to share this with you, but in the spirit of healing from one of the most traumatic 4 minutes of my life, here’s why.

Here’s a link to the newest incarnation of the nonprofit that Pete cofounded.

For those of you who’ve never had the good fortune of visiting Northern Michigan and finding one yourself, below is a photo of my wife’s hand holding a Petoskey stone- which we mention in minute 12. Note the “tessellating hexagonals.”

In minute 18, Joe mentions the book “The White Man’s Burden.” Here’s a link. Here also is a link to the Rudyard Kipling poem, which celebrates imperialism, and from which that book takes its name.

The main image for this episode represents Pete’s idea of what a “good goat” looks like.