HP001: Pete and Joe Want to Make You Happier

Episode 1

This episode introduces the concept of “happitalism.” Envisioned as “capitalism 2.0,” Happitalism seeks to leverage the existing machinery of capitalism. But instead of “maximum return to shareholders,” the happitalist posits “maximum well-being to communities,” as the point of economic activity. This paradigm is based on emerging learnings from positive psychology and well-being science: it does not demand religious belief, altruism, or governmental mandate for motivation, and it is better for the planet, for communities, for workers, and even for owners(!).


Listening over this episode again, I realize that, in my zeal not to be branded an outright communist, I probably lauded capitalism a little too stridently- and gave short shrift to a different (and critical) other factor. As we will explore in a later episode, many of the worldwide social improvements I alluded to are more appropriately credited to a general trend towards democracy in the developing world. Admittedly, access to capital and open markets help significantly. But these things thrive best when people have a voice in their governments.

Also, we promised we’d post a pic of Joe’s cheetah-print hair. He’s still “looking for that,” but don’t let him forget until you see it here.