HP011: Can Happitalists Get the Big Things Done? Also Am I Rich Enough to be a Happitalist?

Episode 11

Happitalists identify and engage in activities that directly maximize their well-being. This sounds pretty indulgent and self-serving; so in this episode we explore how happitalist thinking can help humanity get the big stuff done. We also urge you not to defer well-being until you’re “rich enough” (you are already rich enough).


Around 10:45, Joe mentions Simon Sinek and his book “Start with Why.” Here’s the relevant website.

Plus, here’s a very recent article sent to me by our field reporter (also my brother) Jon Kirkwood, which is very relevant to this episode: “How much money do people need to be happy?” Because research in this field is evolving, and because the money/well-being axis is a complicated one, look for a future Happitalist episode in which we discuss the interrelationship between happiness and life satisfaction- and also fun things like the “satiation point.”