HP010: It’s a Miracle We Survived- Pete and the Origins of Happitalism

Episode 10

Pete’s always had a conviction that life should revolve around something bigger than economics. An itinerant childhood gave him an outsider’s perspective, a legal education refined his analytical bent, running a business tested his worldview, an obsession with positive psychology and well-being science coalesced these influences into the economic philosophy he calls Happitalism.


In this episode Pete mentions a talk he recently gave at Traverse City’s own (terrific) Fulfillament spoken word event, in which he elaborated on his “origin story.” Joe promised we’d link to this talk in the notes. Here’s the link. While you are there, listen to some of the other inspiring stories of how these remarkable people came to be doing what they do- and how they are finding fulfillment in their work. Shout out to the amazing creators of Fulfillament: Chelsea Dennis of The Conscious Entrepreneur and Shea Petaja!

Bonus: The thumbnail photo for this episode is a young Pete on The Four Friends off some unnamed island in (I think) Indonesia.