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A podcast & community dedicated to understanding the relationship between work, wealth, and well-being… and to living a life informed by this understanding. Thanks for being here!


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Happy + Capitalism = Happitalism


Happitalists recognize the power of capitalism to alleviate human misery and to efficiently allocate resources. But we also recognize that capitalism will only give us what we ask it for. In capitalism 1.0, we're asking for maximum return of wealth to owners. Capitalism 2.0, which we call happitalism, leverages existing systems and structures but posits a new goal: maximizing well-being community-wide.

With reference to established knowledge in economics, and drawing on new insights from the world of positive psychology (and from real life!) we are suggesting a paradigm-shifting new way of working, of viewing money, and of valuing our lives.

Here at The Happitalist we think, write, learn, and talk about this- and we interview people who have something interesting to say about it. Read our blog, listen to our podcast, and drop us a line to get involved.


Are you a Happitalist?

Are you spending a lot of time on things that don't feel meaningful? Does it seem like something's screwy about the way the world defines success? All other things remaining equal, and forced to choose, would you choose well-being over wealth?* If so, then you're a Happitalist, too.

(* We know it's not an either-or thing: we just think that question helps put things in perspective.)


“Money will make you happy- but only while you’re poor. New stuff will make you happy, too- but only while it’s new”